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Company Introduction

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Thank you for visiting the EwhafanTech website.

Based on technology and know-how accumulated for more than 40 years in the field of industrial blowers,

we established EwhafanTech, a manufacturer specializing in industrial blowers, in 2016.


We have been making ceaseless efforts for quality control and quality improvement in accordance with international standards such as KS / ANSI / AMCA.

EwhafanTech will continue to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices to promote customer satisfaction and continue research and development to improve product quality.

We will be reborn as a company that puts customer satisfaction first by making every effort to ensure prompt repair at any time.

                            C E O       MyoungHo Rhee

​rich career

Based on technology and field experience accumulated over 40 years,

​We will make the most suitable product for the customer's site.

client satisfaction

​Make products through strict quality control,

An emergency A/S team is available 24 hours a day. 

​Infinite responsibility

All of EwhafanTech's products are guaranteed for quality.

​All problems within the warranty period are A/S free of charge.

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